A new signature
with over 150 years
of history.

Lorenzi della Musa is a new designer label, specialized in the creation of entirely hand-made shoes, with a history that has been handed down for over a hundred and fifty years. A brand that was created with the purpose of bringing back to clients the true value of arts and craftsmanship, tradition and innovation, all with the most refined and authentic Italian style.


The brand.

Independence, attention, elegance: these are the values of the black passing cat, the unmistakable symbol of the Lorenzi della Musa signature, the same that can be found in the historical heraldic emblem of the family, from time out of mind loving art in all of its possible forms.

A signature
with a noble soul.

The story begins in the old family mansion. Inside one of the wardrobes, Lorenzo, descendant of the della Musa’s, finds an ancient pair of shoes, that had belonged to his great grandfather back at the end of the Nineteenth Century. They are intact, still perfectly fashionable in their style and still incredibly comfortable. Intrigued by this episode, he begins – together with his dear, homonymous friend – a compelling historical research.

He finds out about a family of artisans that was working for the della Musa’s, creating precious shoes for each member of the house. The research gets deeper, as Lorenzo recreates the portrait of these craftsmen, from the expedition to Africa during the 1943 war, to the deportation to London, where they begin to work as shoemakers for the army, absorbing the cult of the English shoe.

Determined to bring this ancient tradition back to light, the two “Lorenzi” manage to get in touch with the descendants of the family, still active in this profession. From now on, a new chapter of the story begins, a story made of passion and excellence, handed down for over a hundred and fifty years.